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JOYCE CHAMOUN: [email protected]

It is okay to be overdressed rather than underdressed.

It is okay to make a big impression when entering the social scene.

It is okay to be “A Little Too Much.”

This mantra inspired the creation of a line dedicated to providing fine jewelry pieces which are modern and luxurious in craftsmanship. We believe it is a woman’s world and in it women are free to break labels and stereotypes.

A LITTLE TOO MUCH is the brainchild of  mother and daughter duo, Rania and Joyce Chamoun both jewelry aficionados, driven by a passion for jewelry making and love for delivering quality craftsmanship for women across the globe. Our muse is simply real women. Women who have no makeup, sweatpants and full glam, dress-up days all in the same week. Our jewelry aims to be as versatile as the boss women wearing it.

Just like the lessons Rania passes onto her daughter, our jewelry is meant to be a quality investment that can be passed down for generations. We believe in making sure every piece is a wise investment, guaranteeing the lowest price and highest quality thanks to the expertise and connections from their 30+ year old family jewelry company. Apart from our designs, we can help make your dream jewelry piece a reality with our custom concierge and bridal collection. You can see our loose stone collection and design your dream piece in person at our by appointment showroom.

ALTM is made by women for women. Our jewelry is a celebration of the female role models we are blessed to have and a reminder that a women’s potential is infinite. There is no limit. There is no glass ceiling. It is always okay to be a little and especially okay to be a little too much. Be too ambitious, too vocal, too confident, and of course too decked out in diamonds and gold.

Welcome to the #ALTMFAM!